Bronze screen

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Bronze screen

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:D Was reading about use of bronze screen for under deck grounding.Anyone use it that way? Would think that would be easier to locate common ground for everything.Thoughts? :roll:
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Re: Bronze screen

Post by weevar »

Hello nice to see a thread that basically i can add too instead of creating one thanks

The one thing is my last boat that i never knew until now is that all my plugs where grounded to a copper mesh hidden under the fiber glass isolation and then a rubber sheeting so with this in mind I called in a electrical engineer thats working at my dock where im docked
scrapping the poor ship which i ran a ground a week ago but any way he said that many newer sence 1995 some small time manufacturers had used this method too ground boats.

don let the grounding tounch the outer hull like mine was because you could "in some situations could electricify the water around the boat" and if I wanted to do somthing similar to my boat im designing "to samwich the ground between 2 layers of grounding isolation like rubber to prevent dangerous situations"

I going to use copper the same way as it was on my boat using cheaper electrical expanding isolation foam from home depot

i think that bronze or brass might work but it depends on the wires you use because the resistance of the wiring has to be match close enough to the wiring used this i pulled out of my old college engineering text book puplished 2013 the year i earned a masters in mechical engineering

I quoted his exact words the actual electric engineer used within the quotation marks

i hope this helps

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