15 batter system for a 150' boat

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15 batter system for a 150' boat

Post by weevar »

Ib havent bought any batteries yet but i wnt to tal about a charge usage switch and recharge system.The charge usage switch and recharge system is a way to charge a battery use it then switch to another battery and recharge that battery by using a switch board.

I bought a 15 switch 3 stage switch board this when wired together will allow the driver to switch between 3 states for each battery. On, charge or neutal/store are the three stages of the switches this could be done for each boat batter and will use wind and siolar panels wihich will recharge the boats batteries i will enclose the electrical system in pvc pipes and plastic casing

Would the be reasonable to install a system like this in my boat

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Re: 15 batter system for a 150' boat

Post by DonaldE »

I think it is the reasonable system to install in your boat, can you share the pictures of your boat?

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