issue connectng pump to switch, only one sensor wire

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Re: issue connectng pump to switch, only one sensor wire

Post by kens »

From the physical picture of the panel, I counted 12 wires.
From either of the schematics you posted, there is not 12 wires.

From what I see in the schematics, the ground (-) is hard wired to the pump, and the control side is the positive (+) side.
The 'sensor' is the float switch, which in turn controls the pump when in auto mode.
But I cannot confirm with the schematics provided.
I would need to see a schematic with 12 wires on it that match the panel's 12 wires, in order to confirm.
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Re: issue connectng pump to switch, only one sensor wire

Post by gdcarpenter »

Hi, not sure if what you want can be done.

What I see and what I might suggest:

First off I would 'jump' the two white wires for the float switch at the back of the switch panel together.
This would 'trick' the panel into thinking the separate float switch (which you DO NOT HAVE) is 'closed',
signaling the switch to turn on the bilge pump.

Your bilge pump has an internal switch and NO SIGNAL WIRES, both wires are power feed wires

One power feed wire goes through the internal float switch so it comes on automatically when the switch is 'closed'.
The other power wire feeds the bilge pump motor directly for 'manual' overide/operation

I would try connecting the red DC output wire on the back of the panel to the green/white wire coming off the bilge pump. That is the 'automatic' operation power feed for the bilge pump, and with the panel sensor jumped, should be hot all the time the switch is hot. This should allow automatic bilge pump operation.

I suspect this would have the indicator light on all the time though, in terms of automatic operation.

You would then have to hope that one of the bare terminals at the back of the switch is 'hot ' only when you toggle the switch into 'manual' mode, and then connect that terminal to the brown wire coming off the bilge pump.

Of course you must have a ground side connection for the bilge pump.

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