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Keyless Start

Post by speedracer »

Has anyone ever installed a keyless, push button start in their boat? I thought it would be a cool, custom touch for my Monica. I cannot find any specific to boats but there are several manufacturers for cars.
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Re: Keyless Start

Post by Bill Edmundson »


You could put a button for an air-horn on the dash and a hidden key switch. Then have the best of both. Well you still have to stop it with the key or a kill switch.

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Re: Keyless Start

Post by sproggy »

I would consider motorcycle keyless systems - they are more likely to withstand wet environments than systems intended for cars. I don't know how easy they are to get hold of in the US but in Europe Motogadget are market leaders. See ... hloss.html.

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Re: Keyless Start

Post by Brad Tucker »

I did. I used a pushbutton switch in the start circuit, and a switch in my rocker switch panel for ignition.

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Keyless Start

Post by skyday »

Any up dates to add this to a 2014 SEL, does not have remote start, has push button start, could not get to program. Even dealer tried and no success.

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