Electrical Design Plans From Glen-L Marine

Wiring your boat, How to Wire Lights/Accessories, All things electrical other than actually powering your boat by electric motors.

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Electrical Design Plans From Glen-L Marine

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These plans are fully detailed and can be used in a variety of boat building projects. All you need to do is match the length of your boat to an Electrical Plan size and you'll be able to wire your new boat, re-wire an existing boat or add new equipment.

The plans are designed to ABYC Standard E-11. All of the wire sizes and circuit protection values are calculated so all you have to do is follow the wiring diagrams and purchase equipment to the specifications stated in the recommended parts list provided with the plans. All navigation lights shown in the plans are the required types for the size boat the plans are meant for and meet current US Coast Guard requirements. These plans are for recreational boats only. See the Glen-L Online Store for details!

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