Flying Saucer Wood Frames For Sale

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Flying Saucer Wood Frames For Sale

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It's been many years coming and unfortunately I must create this post. I am looking to offload my Flying Saucer CNC'ed mahogany frames. These were purchased about ten years ago from Glen-L. We purchased the last two Glen-L kits, or so we were told. My good friend has the other kit and is hoping to build it with his son. The frames + transom are ready to be hung and set, perfectly true. These have been crated up for the past 8 years simply due to limited work space. Only the transom was hung to the truing box. There's no screws in the frames or damage to them. We recently bought a new home and as the family expands, my garage seems to be shrinking.

I hope this kit can make it to right place and be put to use. If you are interested in this, then send me a message/email ( and I can send pictures to discuss details of shipping/payment. The frames are located in MN.

Happy Building!

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Re: Flying Saucer Wood Frames For Sale

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I know these frames are first class. Alyn did great work.

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Re: Flying Saucer Wood Frames For Sale

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Are these frames still available and if so, what is your asking price?

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