How to find your local saw mill

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How to find your local saw mill

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It occurred to me last night that two of my hobbies go really well together and many builders could benefit enormously from getting to know a local sawyer. Most are small one and two person operations who aren’t too busy to work closely with you to get exactly what you need.

Besides saving an enormous amount of money over store bought lumber, you’ll be supporting other local businesses and wood workers. Generally you’ll need to season (dry) your own lumber after is is milled, which for a species like white oak, can take a year or more but green (unseasoned) wood for the longitudinals will bend and flex far easier without breaking or splitting.

Unless the sawyer has a realationship with a hardwood dealer, you’ll also most likely be limited to domestic species like white oak but a good sawyer will be able to work with you on producing the highest quality lumber for your specific need - rift sawn, quarter sawn, whatever lengths, widths and thickness you need and it won’t be limited to what is commercially available.

All trees have internal stress and a good sawyer will even be able to take wood off the log in such a way that it will naturally bow in the direction you need if a particular piece would benefit from that. Take your plans with you and use their experience to your advantage. I think most will really enjoy the process as well.

Hope this helps someone out, good luck with your builds!

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