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Post by admjake »

Hi all:
My local yard stocks Luan and Fir marine plywood is one preferable over the other?

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Re: Plywood

Post by Jimbob »

From what I have read, Luan is kind of like mahogany but not mahogany.
I would suggest Joubert Marine Okume plywood if you can get it. It's the best plywood I have ever seen. No voids and no patches. One side is as good as the other side. It's FSC certified. (whatever that means)
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Re: Plywood

Post by Biss »

Okume is awesome ply; takes bends really well! Where will you be using the ply? If you are using on a hull that will be painted then the marine fir would be fine too. If you are planning to finish it "bright" then okume looks the best to me.


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Re: Plywood

Post by Roberta »

Use the Okoume if you can get it and afford it. It is very light and strong and has many more plys than the cheaper plywood. Luan is not very strong and could be punctured more easily. Fir is heavier, more voids, grainier, and does not bend well. The fiberglass applied to the hull makes the hull more abrasion resistant, but does not add structural strength. If this is a boat you want good service from, use good materials.

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Re: Plywood

Post by sproggy »

Jimbob wrote:
Tue Jan 29, 2019 10:09 am
It's FSC certified. (whatever that means)
Forestry Stewardship Council. They certify timber products (including charcoal, as I discovered last week) as having been sustainably and ethically sourced. Basically it means you can sleep easy that you're not killing the planet if you use Joubert ply! Except for the energy expended to bring it to the US from France.....

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Re: Plywood

Post by jamundsen »

Okume is great stuff. I used it for just about all plywood requirements on my build. It is not rot proof. You will need to 100% seal it with epoxy to protect it. I used 4 oz cloth everywhere it will come into contact with water.
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