cover boards

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cover boards

Post by pamelalynne1 »

What is the recommended thickness for cover boards over a plywood deck?

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Re: cover boards

Post by JimmY »

Depends on if you are expecting them to add strength over the plywood alone or not.

On my Squirt, they are 3/16" over1/4" plywood.
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Re: cover boards

Post by Roberta »

On my Torpedo, I planed my deck and cover boards to just under 3/8". This was over 1/4" plywood. Some builders like to emulate the old Chris Craft boats with the really thick cover boards that have a big radius to the sides. This needs some pre planning during the build.

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Re: cover boards

Post by Hercdrvr »

What boat design are we talking about?
For me, 3/8” thick works well over 1/4” plywood sub deck because it’s a good use of material. 4/4 stock re-sawn and run through planner yields about 3/8”.
3/8” leaves me enough material to sand out any low spots in the deck. Structurally there is no need for more than 1/2” total thickness if deck battens are built to the plans.
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