Layout board Aqua Cat

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Layout board Aqua Cat

Post by Kgumby30 »

Hello everyone.
Getting ready to start the build of my Aqua Cat. Question about the layout board. I understand the need for one. Have seen pictures and videos of people assembling frames on the board to line up the individual pieces lumber and gussets, while keeping the hull profile.
But the Aqua Cat is different. The frame pieces are built onto the 1/4” plywood bulkhead. The bulkhead will have the same profile as the layout board and the frame is nailed and screwed to the bulkhead. Seems redundant to make the board. Should I still make it or just transfer the plan lines to the bulkhead and build the frames directly to it?

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Re: Layout board Aqua Cat

Post by hoodman »

Your plan sounds good to me. However, you still might want a nice big flat surface to work on during assembly.

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Re: Layout board Aqua Cat

Post by LouMc »

I am about to buy the Aqua Cat plans for first time build. Very happy to find someone else getting started. Hopefully you will share your experience and photos of the build. That info would be great help for me.
Not having seen the plans yet I have a lot of questions about the steps for building. Plywood and frame members for sure. From builders photos I see frame members attached to plywood. Guessing this is temporary.

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