Leaving fastening screws in hull

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Leaving fastening screws in hull

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Hi All,

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I am building a zip and i'm currently doing the final fair in preparation for the hull to go on. I had a question relating to the screws that fasten the hull to the longitudinal members.

Can the screws that fasten the plywood hull sheets to the longitudinal members be left in place if they are to be covered? (read: Are the hull fastening screws removed for aesthetic reasons only?)

For background, I plan on covering the plywood hull with a thin mahogany veneer 'planks' on the sides and painting the bottom. I would countersink and fill the screws, and then cover them with this veneer or the paint. Is there a structural reason that these screws get removed or is it only to allow for better bright-work finish to these panels?



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Re: Leaving fastening screws in hull

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Countersink the screws and fill over. That's what I did. That worked for me.

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