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Steve, no wonder your boats not ready,you are on the computer all the time!!!! :roll: :lol: Oops,I haven't even started my Squirt yet,maybe same reason!!! :oops:

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You sound like my wife !! I started tracking it, and I get on right before I head out the door in the morning, I check again between my first two calls (if I am in the area), then I get on when I get in from work, then I check before I take my nap (go to bed) right now I just finished putting some kind of two part epoxy primer on the bottom of the is just after 9PM and I really cannot do anything else to the boat as it is laying on its side until tomorrow...I might work on my chicken is raining so I cannot wire the trailer, beer should arrive on Thursday..I can start drinking and thinking whether or not I can make the Gathering on Friday !

Truck is running like crap and I dont have time to bring it in to have it looked at and I know absolutely nothing about motors, so I will bring jumper cables too !! (Think I have a bad starter ...or starting to go...think diesels have to turn real fast to get started...)

Damn, I am never gonna get done. I have ripped every wire out of the boat (well, there are only two..and no one is carrying the marine wire now...shucks)


Okay, the epoxy got to my brain, I am rambling more than usual


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If you run out of time,we can wire it at the Gathering....sort of a hands on demonstration!!!!!

Besides if I wasn't on here too much,I wouldn't know you were on here too much!!!! :shock: :roll: :lol:

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