Swain Colton looking for a travel Partner to the Gathering

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Dave Grason
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Swain Colton looking for a travel Partner to the Gathering

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I just saw this post in another thread and thought it worth of it's own thread.

"Dwain, the Ski King here.....Still looking for someone to ride along(and maybe help with the fuel) to the "Gathering". If someone is interested E-M me at dbcolton@ccwebster.net......I just booked a Airline ticket, as a backup, if I get no comers......I want to take my Ski King back there, but don't want to make the trip alone......Wife not up to the ride.....Dwain...."

We should call Doug Hodder and see if he could break loose and make the trip with you.
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Dwain the ski king
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Yeah, If I fly, can you pick me at airport?????I should be coming Friday night....Dwain....

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Dwain...somehow we will get yout there !!



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