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Bill Edmundson wrote:There are plenty of the 4 legged type at Guntersville.. They'll do most anything for grapes.
Stickybuns. The deer like stickybuns the best. They hang around the dumpster behind the gedunk in the campgrounds waiting until the park ranger throws out the day old pastries. If you got a box of day-old stickybuns, they'll follow you anywhere.

There's also groundhogs, raccoons, limbrats, muskrats and skunks. There's an odd genetic mutation for a skunk I've seen there. It's like a regular skunk would look on a negative. They're all white with two black stripes down their back. I've seen them scavenging through the garbage with the other skunks. They're a little fluffier, maybe a little bigger than a regular skunk but a skunk nonetheless. So if you see something that looks like a nice white fluffy puddy cat, don't go out and pet the thing. If you do, don't come back!
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