Thanks for a great weekend

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Thanks for a great weekend

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The Gathering was amazing. The weather was just right especially for sailing and the folks I met there were the best. What a great place to go boating! It was nice to see old friends and make some new ones, which I hope to spend time with on the water again. My only complaint is that it was too short. packing up and heading out on Sunday was not something I wanted to do. A week of this would have been great. The folks who organized this have set the bar very high for future events to top. It was a fantastic time enjoyed by all. Thank you all

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Bill Edmundson
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I AGREE! Great place, Great people, Great food and the park staff was great also.

BTW: The park folks ate Jerk Chicken today.

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I wish i got to hang out more with all of you but i have this sickness that keeps me in trouble alot of times, that is if i'm close to water i think i have to be fishing, maybe next time i'll have one of those Glen-L boats i can set back and proadly show off with all of you .
All the boats look great even the ones still under construction, which really is a neat way to see them, to be able to actually see what's going on inside was pretty cool .We probably could pitch in a little cash to help Bruce buy a real motor lol, he' s probably pulling in his driveway about now .The boats from the canoes to Butchs 24' tahoe,Toms 14' sprint ,the irish rose ,even those boats with tarps hanging off those tall polls we're fun to look at . What a talentive butch of guys .



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