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steve crawford
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It would be cool to have a get together at the Lake Of The Ozarks.
But who in the middle builds boats?
They do have mini"kneel down" hydro races their once a year.
The NBRA has one schedualed at Rockaway beach May 30- June 1.

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Hi Steve,

I might be interested in a Spring Gathering in the Ozarks. I live in Baton Rouge, LA so I'm about the same distance from Lake Guntersville and the Ozarks.

I went to the Lake Guntersville gathering and it was both interesting and fun, but I probably wont be able to go this year because the date conflicts with football season.

I'm presently building a Squirt. It probably wont be complete (with all the decking and trim) by the end of May, but will probably be at least functional as a boat.



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