Adding Awards?


Should we add "Best in Class" awards?

Poll ended at Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:08 am

No - Keep the three boat awards as is
Yes - Add Best-in-Class for Power, Sail, Paddle
Yes - but I have a different approach (specify)
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Adding Awards?

Post by BruceDow »

Last year we had the following awards:

Best Workmanship
Best Planked Deck
Best Systems Installation
Longest Haul

Ken is in charge of awards, and we were trying to decide if we should broaden the awards.

We will definitely add "Best Chili"

Last year our sail contingent was shut out of the awards. That's not because there were not beautiful boats there... they were probably just outnumbered by the powerboaters.

What do you think of adding "Best in Class" recognition? These could be done by vote, or by "judge's discretion".

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Post by upspirate »

Personally,when I was into hot rods,I hated the awards.

I did win some awards that I didn't deserve,& it seems to bring a competitive rivalry that I didn't much care for.

I think it's much more fun to just get together socially & have FUN with the boats,talking,exchanging ideas & viewpoints etc.

Just my two cents

Butch Barto
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Post by Butch Barto »

I am with upspirate on awards. thats my 2cents

John K
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Post by John K »

I also am with upspirate concerning awards. This will be my first time and hopefully very memorable.

Awards just take away from being there. Either everyone gets one or no one. I know there will be some beautiful craftmanship and that is what I am going for.


Post by upspirate »

I just always felt that people that build anything usually put their heart & soul(maybe not always)& try their best & are proud of what they come up with no matter how "good" it comes out.

There are lots of "judging" shows around the country,& I love this get together cause it's fun!!!

The hot rod get togethers I loved were the cruises to someplace or the picnics etc....the fun use of the vehicles.

Maybe a hard luck award,or long distance would be OK

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Post by Soloboat »

I agree with upspirate. I fish on the sport boats in So Cal. I don't get in the jackpot because then it becomes a competition. I would rather enjoy just the sheer pleasure of sharing.
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Post by upspirate »

Maybe we could have some "fun" awards that don't get competitive.

Like maybe hard-luck,long-distance by plane,long distance by car etc.

I heard there may be some costumes on Sat night,maybe something for that.

Maybe a pass around award that goes to someone that had minor(not hurtful or major damaging) like goosestepping off the dock,launching with out drain plug,boat drifting before getting tied up etc.

We could make a goofy award or hat& pass it to the next victim when something new happens.

Not making fun of Kens,but "kissing" the dock last year qualifies as the initial award,& he gets to pass it on! :wink: :D

Main idea to me is to have fun at these Gatherings,keep things light,& not be too serious. Just have a great time with the great people of Glen-L.

I never meant to step on anyone's toes here,but everyone is entitled to my opinion!!!LOL


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Post by kens »

I am open to suggestions here. What you guys want to do?
Have different awards?
Rotating awards?
Different categories?
Different awards organizer?
Drop the whole idea altogether?


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