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Boat Builders, by their very nature are hands on people! They can't just stand by and not help out!

I want to thank everyone! I'm going to name a few. But, I know that as soon as I push the submit button I'll think of more people. So, Ill say I'm sorry up front that I missed you.

Thanks to these and more:

Ahh Hell! I started this and the list is just too long.
Everybody that helped with food, clean up, awards, moving boats, talking with the public... And, just being great people. Thanks :!:

I do want to thank the fixed prop guys best friends. Dwain Colton, Denzil Duncan and Bob Maskle. Others helped. But, these guys were helping launch boats, retrieve boats and helping get the boats safely in and out for boat rides (On a windy day). My boat probably doesn't need repairs right now because of their help.

Again Thanks,
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