Cabins - A Few are Available.

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Cabins - A Few are Available.

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We now have access to the list of available cabins that we had reserved in a block.

By my count, there are still three available.

Here is the process.

1) If you are interested in reserving a cabin, answer this post, AND send me a PM. In your PM, please indicate if you are willing to share your cabin with another forum member. (the cabins are large two bedrooms, and there is already some sharing that has been arranged)

2) I will give you the "secret code" for calling the Park and having a cabin reservation switched to your credit card. (if there is a lot of interest, I may broker some of the "sharing" requests)

3) You call the Park and get the reservation switched.

4) You PM me back so that I can keep track of the "count".

I will answer the PMs in the order that I receive them. (the order of the posts that follow this one)

Ultimately, though, it is "first come, first served" at the Park reservation line. I cannot control that. First to me may not be first to the Park.

Go for it!


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