Check In Check Out

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Bill Edmundson
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Check In Check Out

Post by Bill Edmundson »

We're starting to get closer. (That was stupid. Of coarse we are.)

This is the last list that I know of. Please, let us all know who is in who is out. This is not your agreement with Hales Bar.

Roster of reservations which will be updated as new information is available

1. 2BR Floating Bruce Dow (Bruce Dow) Available
2. 2BR Floating Warren Oatman (upspirate) Available
3. 1BR Floating John Amundsen (*) Monte Carlo
4. 3BR Floating John and Gayle Brantuk (John B and Gayle) * +4
5. 1BR Floating Bill Shaw (ttownshaw)* Malahini
6. 1BR Floating Chris Atwood* (vupilot) Zip
7. 1BR Floating Kragle*
8. 1BR Floating Rory Hamilton* (darthplywood) Sea Knight
9. 1BR Floating Roberta & Rich Hegy *(roberta hegy) Zip
10. 1BR Floating Groenevelt
11. 1BR Floating Kyle Ellington (Red) Tubby Tug
12. 1BR Floating Ken Schott* Dave and Melody Lott (davelott) Riviera
13. 1BR Floating Howard Bergenholtz (berge)* Whitehall
14. 1BR Floating David Lewis Barrett* (lewis barrett) Monaco
15. 1BR Floating Ted Gauthier* (tgauthier) Zip
17. 1BR Floating burnt
18. 3BR Floating burnt
19. 1BR Floating burnt
20. 3BR Floating burnt
21. 1BR Floating burnt
22. 1BR Floating Atkinson*Squirt
25. 1BR Floating Brandenstein* (rbrandenstein) Malahini
26. 1BR Floating Andy Garrett (andy garrett) Open I think

2. 1BR Land Cabin Kenny Cooper (kcooper)
3. 1BR Land Cabin Jeff Hovis *(jeffh)
10. 1BR Land Cabin
11. 1BR Land Cabin
12. 1BR Land Cabin

5. 3BR Land Cabin
6. 3BR Land Cabin Neel Thompson*
7. 3BR Land Cabin Kevin Brown
8. 3BR Land Cabin
9. 3BR Land Cabin Bill Edmundsen*, Lauren Edmundson*, Vlad *
3BR Land Cabin House on the Hill

Rustic 1
Rustic 2
Rustic 4 Tom & Peggy (Tokins)*

water Maskel, Bob Bob Maskel Sea Knight
RV Kane, Paul Hot Rod Hot Rod*
water McLean, Keith gaffrig Whipporwill
water Macke, Ray Ray Macke True Grit*
RV Butch & Paula Barto*
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Re: Check In Check Out

Post by jamundsen »

im in.
John Amundsen
Monte Carlo

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Re: Check In Check Out

Post by vupilot »

My info looks correct, thats still my plan, will arrive weds mid afternoon.

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Re: Check In Check Out

Post by red »

im pretty sure thats the right cabin and unless the creek rises well be there

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Wood Nut
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Re: Check In Check Out

Post by Wood Nut »


Still plan on being there.

7. 1BR Floating, Charlie Kragle (Wood Nut) trying to build a Flying Saucer
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Re: Check In Check Out

Post by jeffh »

We're still in and still waiting for a floating cabin if one opens.
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neel thompson
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Re: Check In Check Out

Post by neel thompson »

Hi Bill,

I will be there, hopefully with my Gentry. I have reserved a 3 BR Land Cabin ( I think #6), and a 1 BR Land Cabin on top of the hill ( not sure of the cabin number ). I plan on arriving early afternoon on Wednesday and departing sometime Sunday morning. I still have a ways to go on the build, but making good progress. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help out. Thanks in advance for the work I know you will do to make this event a success....


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Re: Check In Check Out

Post by DaveLott »

I have not let #12 go yet. Anyone wanting it?

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Re: Check In Check Out

Post by BruceDow »

Looking forward to it!

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Re: Check In Check Out

Post by kens »

DaveLott wrote:I have not let #12 go yet. Anyone wanting it?
Yeah, Im interested
Oak..........the juice ain't worth the squeeze :D :shock: :o :)

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Mr Hot Rod
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Re: Check In Check Out

Post by Mr Hot Rod »

We'll be in the RV Park. Looking forward to putting some miles on our (almost) new shop truck. Wait 'till you see what's in this one kens !

We'll be arriving late Tuesday afternoon and departing Monday or Tuesday morning. Maple syrup sales were brisk last year so we'll be increasing our quota this year !

Paul Kane
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Re: Check In Check Out

Post by upspirate »

Change of plans....2 BR floating cabin available

Lewis Barrett
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Re: Check In Check Out

Post by Lewis Barrett »

I'm still in.


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Re: Check In Check Out

Post by ttownshaw »

I'm in!

I'm even going to miss an OU football home game...unheard of for me...missed 3 in 23 years (2 because both of my kids were born on the wrong day of the week LOL). My wife says this boat stuff is starting to take over. :D

Warren...does that mean you are not coming?

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Re: Check In Check Out

Post by upspirate »

Yep, not in the cards this year


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