Epoxy Cost

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Epoxy Cost

Post by harborma »

Hi! Boatbuilding novice here getting my hands dirty. I am currently building my first boat, a Stitch and Glue Devlin Polliwog, and I'm just about at the stage to start epoxy and fiberglassing (This will be my first introduction to fiberglassing).

My plans call for 2 gallons of epoxy resin, 1 gallon of hardener, 3.5 yards of 50" wide 6oz fiberglass cloth, and a roll of 6oz 4" fiberglass tape. Today, I went to the local West Marine to gather materials, and the West epoxy resin is about $99 per gallon, and about $50 per half gallon of the hardener, so $300 for the resin and hardener alone. That being said, I left empty handed as I wasn't exactly prepared to spend that much money.

Are those prices the norm? Does anybody have any advice for where to purchase epoxy?

Thank you!
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Re: Epoxy Cost

Post by jamundsen »

that's about right for epoxy.
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Re: Epoxy Cost

Post by chugalug »

:D Glen-l sells some good resin and stuff.I suppose it depends on where you're at for shipping costs.I'm happy with Glen-l's epoxy.
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Re: Epoxy Cost

Post by vupilot »

Yep, epoxy is a major expense in these projects. Glen-L also sells MAS brand epoxy which is a really nice non-blushing clear epoxy. I prefer it on any projects that will have bright finished wood. West marine always seems to be a few dollars more than online but if you have one near you sometimes its nice not to have to wait on shipping. Your build looks very nice. Here is the link to the MAS epoxy from Glen-L. Their price is the same as just about anyone else online and the support us with this great forum.

http://www.boatdesigns.com/MAS-Low-Visc ... o/MAS-LVR/

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Re: Epoxy Cost

Post by kens »

I noticed your original post stated 2 gal resin and 1 gal hardener.
That describes a 2:1 ratio.
Epoxies do come in different mix ratios, and should not be confused with the description in the plans.

If you shop for epoxy by price, then expect to find different mix ratios.
I think the intent of the plans is 3 gal of epoxy. (never mind the mix ratio)
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Re: Epoxy Cost

Post by curt1893 »

The ratio is something that caught me off guard at first as well. I was about to buy a quart of West Marine resin and a quart of West Marine slow hardener. Turns out it was a 5 resin : 1 hardener ratio. I probably would never use 32 oz of harder in my project (here's hoping, I'm terrible at mixing small batches).
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Re: Epoxy Cost

Post by BayouBengal »

For mixing small batches, I keep some resin and hardener in squeeze bottles like these - http://www.harborfreight.com/pack-of-3- ... 66170.html. I use a scale like this -http://www.harborfreight.com/digital-scale-95364.html and mix the parts by weight. Zero the scale for your disposable cup, squirt some of Part A in, calculate how much part B needs to be added, then squirt part B in until you reach that amount on scale.

If you've not worked with epoxy before, you'll find this free publication - https://www.systemthree.com/blogs/epoxy ... epoxy-book - extremely informative.

Nice little boat by the way!

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Re: Epoxy Cost

Post by hoodman »

Epoxy is a major expense of a build, but not a great percentage of the build altogether. If you shop around there are some good values. Still expensive though.

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Re: Epoxy Cost

Post by Hercdrvr »

Yep, Epoxy isn't cheap but it's one of those must have items. I don't want to uncover my boat some spring day and find myself poking soft spots with my finger.

For small batches I use the hand pumps on the jugs. Heard some folks say they aren't accurate but it's worked fine for me.

My first boat was epoxy for everything, since then I'm using more Titebond III to join parts, exspecially after the flip. It's not for gap filling but otherwise just as strong a bond as epoxy and waaay easier to use in small batches. I enjoyed reading this article about glues.

http://www.oldbrownglue.com/images/arti ... ue_FWW.pdf

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