Glen-L Poxy-Grip question

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Re: Glen-L Poxy-Grip question

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I knew I had read an article on testing glue in Fine Homebuilding years ago, finally had time to track it down. A pretty scientific study with professionals from different fields. They used White Oak, Maple, and Ipee and tested 'tight' joints, 'snug' joints, and 'loose' joints. Seems 'starvation' really isn't much of an issue. ... ue_FWW.pdf

I used half lap joints on my ZIP because they are clean and incredibly strong, especially with the 'shoulders'. On top of that my frames were completely encapsulated prior to installation, and varnished after installation. Hard to see them ever getting wet.

Here's a link to a video 'out take' from that same study. Interestingly enough, at the end of the short video, an epoxy glued joint had a partial bond failure. ... glues.aspx
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