Noob epoxy questions

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Noob epoxy questions

Post by boat6441 »

I’m looking into building the Eight ball from Glen-L and I have A few questions:
A- Do I have to purchase more epoxy other than that which comes in the stitch and glue kit A and the fiberglass kit to enough epoxy to coat the inside?
B- Should I Use Silvertip epoxy for the outside?
C- Should I Use Silvertip epoxy for the inside?

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Re: Noob epoxy questions

Post by hoodman »

I'm not sure about the kit. I would guess that it does not include the epoxy for encapsulation but I couldn't tell you for sure. If you are looking for a non-blush epoxy there are others on the market besides just silvertip so you can shop around but others have used it with great success.

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Re: Noob epoxy questions

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If you get the S&G kit and Fiberglass Covering kit, you'll have enough epoxy to also coat the inside of the boat (encapsulate). It's not necessary to use SilverTip epoxy--our Poxy-Shield is fine (which comes in both the S&G kit & FG kit). It may develop a blush depending on how long you wait between coats but if it does, you just clean it off with warm water or water and ammonia.

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