Online epoxy mixing course. Advice wanted

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Online epoxy mixing course. Advice wanted

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Hi everyone

My name is Thomas. I have been building small epoxy timber boats for a number for years including two professionally
I am looking at putting together an online boat building course, based towards wood epoxy boat building.
I am looking for feedback and insights into what you found useful as you were learning while building your first projects.

I have put together a free short course on mixing epoxy to gain skills in putting courses together and to gain insights from people like yourselves.

It is totally free and no strings attached. It can be viewed here

If you would like to make any comments on my ideas there is a short survey you can fill out that is featured in your welcome email to the course.
Alternatively head straight to the survey now. ... rse-survey

I really do appreciate your time and help with this.

All the best with your future projects.

Thomas Nance

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