Deck Striping

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Deck Striping

Post by jthurber »

I realize that there has been quite a number of posts concerning tinted epoxy deck striping. It seems that standard epoxy is normally used. Has anyone tried using Poxy-Grip or similar with silica and micro spheres? It appears to take the whitish tint pretty well...

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Re: Deck Striping

Post by JimmY »

I used System 3 silver tip with micro balloons. It is very white.

I have had a small crack develop after 2 years, and I'm not sure why. It may be from stepping on the deck or the mix may have been a bit dry. I would recommend a mayonnaise consistency. The fix should be pretty straight forward, I just need buy more clear.
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Re: Deck Striping

Post by Brad Tucker »

I used microbaloons because they are white and easy to sand. No issues yet. She does stay in my shop unless on the lake.

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