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Old Posting on Gatherings

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I just came across this while looking for something else. But, maybe some one will find it useful.

Making “the GATHERING” Happen

Gayle asked me to put his together. I’m not sure that I’m the right person. I don’t qualify for the things I might say.

Beware: Not everybody will be happy. Get over it! Don’t take it personally.

The first step is to see if anyone is interested. That sounds small but, you have to have an idea of how many people and will want to come and where they are coming from.

Second, YOU’RE out there on your own. So make it easy on yourself. Look at places you know.

Picking a place:
What do you want to do? How many days?, Food?, Lodging? We went for broke; Cabins, RV, Hotels and Camping. We picked a place where major river runs were possible.
You will need a place where everyone can get together such as pavilion or other covered area. Look at our pictures and think about what you want.
It is best if dock areas and dry display areas that are close together to facilitate ease of viewing both completed boats and those under construction. Many state parks have the best combination of facilities. Be aware that state workers may not care if you are there or not. City Chamber of Commerce will want you. However they don’t really care that you are a “Do It Yourself” group. So far, private facilities aren’t a lot better. Good luck.

Catering is not going to happen unless you have lots of money (i.e., Breakfast $6.50/head. Lunch $9.00/head & Dinner $15.00/head). We’re at over 100 people. Two dinners, two breakfast, and one lunch comes to $5200. Sorry, I can’t front that.
Most people love chipping in and cooking. It is a major part of the fun! Let it happen.

Things to Do:
Everybody has an idea and that is part of the fun. There is just so much time: Raffles, Auctions, Swap Meets, River Runs, Morning Paddles, Bat Caves, Haunted Dam Tours, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Boat Rides… You can’t do it all! With a great group of volunteers, you may be more successful than you can imagine.

Best of Show, Best Deck, Fastest, Best Paint… Drop it! How do you compare a Mahogany Runabout with a Mini-Tug made for a child with love? How do you compare a boat made for cruising thousands of miles with a boat made to run crab traps? All built with pride. Awards should be for fun! This year we recognized two little girls as best mini-tug captains. One went back to her cabin to call her mother. Who got that award, the committee or her?

Somebody has to step up. Help with coordinating food, registration, dealing with facilities is a must have. Thing are always coming up. Someone will have to be the point. Most of the time, I just don’t care. It helps when someone is able to speak up for the group. Who will stand up and speak to the group? Who will do the awards? Who will listen to the complaints? Be prepared to have your emotions conflicted after you have worked months for a successful Gathering and the immediate feedback on the forum is not so complementary (it stings).
Up front! Somebody will have to step out and say this is where I’m going!

This is the part I hate for sure! I contend that I’m going to a lake on a given weekend. If you want to come there I would enjoy seeing you. If you get too organized, if you start charging… you may get into a legal liability situation. I want to keep it fun and keep people coming back.

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Re: Old Posting on Gatherings

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:? thanks bill organizing the gathering here at lake Powell has been a chore due to the resort not following through with the info and the room block they promised. we will have it if only a couple come. but we have to start some place. once my boat is done it will be on the lake so will be easier to get things done. I figured catering was out of the question but thought I would ask. I :lol: like simple. I will be there the dates that have been posted and be glad to see all that show. I have kept it open to all that want to attend even none builders. I stil have a year to get things set up but with the resent move and the one week camping trip to relax, am a little behind, the fishing was good :wink: limited out om nice rainbow trout :D
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