G-7 Shirts

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G-7 Shirts

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T-Shirts for G7!

Butch & Paula Barto have taken up the task of creating really cool t-shirts for the Tennessee Gathering of Boatbuilders in September Thank you Bartos! They asked us to send out this note from them:

If you would like a t-shirt for this year's gathering, please place your order with Butch and Paula Barto!

We need the size and how many you would like.

We will need your order and payment by August 15, 2013

Price (if our total order is at least 50 shirts) $8-$9 each shirt!!

Please contact for order: bartopaula@yahoo.com

Send payment to:
Paula and Butch Barto
PO Box 312
Crestview, FL 32536

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Re: G-7 Shirts

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Just a quick comment here. That's too cheap :shock: :) :)
ACBS tees were going for $30 at the Gravenhurst event. ( I came home bare back :shock: )


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