Combined Gallery for all 2013 Gathering Photos

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Combined Gallery for all 2013 Gathering Photos

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Hi, gang! Gayle and I sure missed hanging out with you all this year at G7, but we're anxious to collect all of your photos and put them in one place so that we, and everyone else, can vicariously share in the fun you all had.

So, if you'll please send your photos in the form of jpegs to me, as attachments to emails addressed to me ( or if it's easier just load them all onto a CD and mail them to me, I'll compile them all into one grand G6 photo gallery. Be sure to let me know who took the photos so that we can properly attribute them.

Glad you all had a nice time; too bad about the gale-force storms you had to put up with, but if it's any consolation my own Gayle had to put up with me right here at home. :lol:

Looking forward to seeing your photos!

-- John B
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