Snapless Cockpit Cover

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Snapless Cockpit Cover

Post by BayouBengal »

I'd wanted to have a cover for my cockpit for times when my boat will be docked or parked outside for a few days, such as the case at this year's Gathering. But I didn't want to put snaps all over my woodwork. The solution I came up with was a cover that is tethered to each of my docking cleats and held taut with fiberglass tent poles. This was my first sewing project and the stitching is not so straight, but the cover is very functional.

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Re: Snapless Cockpit Cover

Post by bjfrater »

Cool! clever idea with the tent poles.

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Re: Snapless Cockpit Cover

Post by TomB »

Great idea! An idea to be copied for sure.
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Re: Snapless Cockpit Cover

Post by JimmY »

Definitely going to look at copying that!

I think I have some spare tent poles laying around...
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Re: Snapless Cockpit Cover

Post by Hercdrvr »

I thought you were just camping in there.
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