Crash Pads

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Crash Pads

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I was ordering my upholstery over the weekend and the upholstery guy asked me, "where were the seams were on the crash pads?". I didn't know so I did some research. Turns out there were center pieces in the crash pad next to the steps on the coverboards that overlapped the upholstery on each side. We guessed that the thinking was that if they were damaged by getting in and out of the boat, that section could be easily replaced. Also, seems that it would be easier to install the upholstery in 4 pieces rather that one with a seam. (for you guys doing it yourself).
Picture below, you might have to enlarge to see what I am talking about.
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Re: Crash Pads

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Jim,you do not need seams unless you are using real leather. I have some pictures on my build link ... ses.html#3 if you want to see the process.
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