Back-to-back seats, how might I make them?

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Back-to-back seats, how might I make them?

Post by PadrePoint »

I spotted this photo somewhere. The boat is similar to what I am building, a Stiletto.
The photo caught my attention because of the seats... simple low back-to-back seats that also unfold flat. I’d like to build something similar for my Stiletto that I’m just starting to build.

Does anyone have a plan for this kind of seating or could offer some thoughts on how to make them?


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Re: Back-to-back seats, how might I make them?

Post by DrBryanJ »

I believe there is a youtube video on making them, or it was on sailrite website. DO an internet search. It's out there somewhere.

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Re: Back-to-back seats, how might I make them?

Post by kens »

Gosh! I haven't seen those since I was a kid. there isn't much to them,
the seats were plywood, with some hinges. in the simplest form, the USCG square throwable floatation cushion was your cushions.
the seats sat on a plywood rectangle box, and had some cleats on bottom to capture the box to stay put.
the box was varying height depending on the boat, sometimes you sat low with your knees scrunched up, sometimes as high as proper seating.
if the seating was high enough you could put storage under, I saw a gas tank under there one time
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Re: Back-to-back seats, how might I make them?

Post by TAB »

They still sell those seats. Most westmarines keep them in stock. Just head over there and take a look.

They really are just 4 piece of ply with hinges. There are some stops that need to be made, but over all very simple

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