Recoat time

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Recoat time

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I have apparently breached the 72 hour recoat time for applying my "fill the weave coat" on my Malahini. Because the Florida temperatures were too hot to make it feasible to try to work my System Three epoxy resin during the day I limited my time to the evenings doing one section at a time. Even so, the box says time to dry for sanding is 24 hours. So, If you wet out one section at a time, and you plan to overlap (as the video says) at the transom bottom, the keel, and where the two sides overlap the bottom (5 sections total), you need to wait to sand and the feather each of the edges before going on to the next section (which means waiting 24 hours to sand after each of the sections). In, short, it took me 5 days to wet out the cloth around the boat because they all have an overlapping edge. So now I am ready to add my additional resin coats and I am past the 72 hour recoat time. Silver Tip says my situation is "sub ideal" and that now should to go back an de-gloss the sections wetted more than more than 72 hours ago. Has anyone run into this? How do you allow for 24 hours of sanding time to feather each overlap and manage to be ready to recoat with 3 days? Excuse my ignorance. This is my first fiber glassing and some the the instructions are not all that clear.



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Re: Recoat time

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I did not find a need to feather any overlap areas until after the entire hull was covered. Trimming while the edges are still in the green, or semi cured stage should give you a neat edge that can be overlapped. If you find yourself up against the time limit, just add fill coats to areas nearing the limit. Once all the hull is glassed, do your feathering and add additional fill as needed.

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