2 layers of fiberglass tape?

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2 layers of fiberglass tape?

Post by kmurphy826 »

As I've been progressing with my first experience in boat building, I've been reading these threads and getting some great suggestions. Thanks! Now I need to ask a question.

The filleting of Tubby Tug is just about complete and I am looking ahead to the next step of applying the fiberglass tape to the interior junctions. According to the laminate schedule, the junctions at "Sides to bow (stem)", "Transom to side & bottom", "Chine", "Sheer" and "Bulwark to transom" each require two 3 inch tapes.

I originally thought that the reason for 2 tapes was one for each side. However, this does not seem to agree with what is needed for the 2 center seats. (The lam sched only requires 1 tape for the "Seat tops & ends".) Do I understand this to mean that I should laminate one layer of fiberglass tape on top of another layer? And if so, how much feathering needs to be done on the first layer before applying the second?

Your advise will be greatly appreciated.


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Post by SammyRye »

:D Greetings!

Actually, the tape should be overlapped in the center, which gives you 2-layers of tape 1 1/2" wide and each edge is 1 1/2" wide. Feather out from the center and you should have a smooth joint.

Hopr this helps! Good luck with the build!
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Post by Barry »

how much feathering needs to be done on the first layer before applying the second?
None if you don't care how it looks. There may be some air bubbles that are hard to get out, if you don't feather the first layer, but it's mostly a matter of appearance.

We normally feather so that when rubbing your finger from wood to fiberglass, you don't feel an edge.

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