Varnish Instead of Fiberglass?

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Re: Varnish Instead of Fiberglass?

Post by hoodman »

Do you mean shear to shear? If so, the issue will be if the chines are radiused enough for the cloth to go around them and not make air pockets. If your buddies are really that experienced then they probably know about all that and other issues already.

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Re: Varnish Instead of Fiberglass?

Post by chugalug »

:D If you're using the Glen-l fibreglass kit and run lenthwise, make sure to measure the long pieces of cloth;I got my sides and bottom pieces mixed up and didn't have enough cloth to cover sides-had to piece it from extra bottom piece.unless they are marked on bag.
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Re: Varnish Instead of Fiberglass?

Post by Brian »

Sorry, I meant shear to shear. The issue of chine radiusing has come up and I'm wondering if doing so has any effect on performance. Does a sharp edge ensure better tracking, less roll, less of a wet ride in the back? How much is ok?

I don't think the supplied glass will make it lengthwise, because I have stretched the hull about 3 feet.

At the transom, do you glad it first, then lap the bottom cloth over it?

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Re: Varnish Instead of Fiberglass?

Post by tcough »

I did my transom first, then built up the bottom edge to get a sharp corner. After that, I placed the bottom glass. This is what most people on this site recommend.
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