First time! :?

Fiberglassing over plywood and one-off fiberglass methods. See: "Boatbuilding Methods", in the left-hand column of the Home page.

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First time! :?

Post by SeanPDX »

What do you think? Is this a good start for my first attempt at fiberglassing?

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Re: First time! :?

Post by cusoak »

Is this a test piece. If when you did what I see and you put epoxy on first and then pressed the fabric into the epoxy with a squeegee, then applied more epoxy to wet it down, then it looks good. You will need to put on more coats to fill in the weave of the fabric.
The only other thing I would say is that epoxy is hard to sand off so be care full not to be to messy. It will not stick to wax paper so you could tape down wax paper around the area and the remove it when your done , just an idea.

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