Fiberglass Tape

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Fiberglass Tape

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I'm putting down fiberglass tape on the hull (Power Skiff). The plans call for four layers of alternating 6" and 3" tape. Do I need to sand between each layer (particularly to feather out the edges)? I didn't when I taped the interior seams, but wondering if I should have done that and if that will make feathering out the edges of the seams easier when all the layers are down. I read somewhere that I should sand between each layer, but I really don't want to and am worried that there is not enough epoxy on the tape after one wetting coat to do much sanding.

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Re: Fiberglass Tape

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Each successive layer should be put down on the previous layer before it is 100% cured. You want the layers to bond chemically, not mechanically.
basically - as soon as the first layer has set up enough - add the next. Once they are all down, feather it out.

I prefer to do all of them at once, use a roller to squeeze out the epoxy and smooth out with a spreader. I've done that with 2 layers, but not sure if 4 would be manageable that way..
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