Fiberglass resin prep

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Fiberglass resin prep

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Hi Guys,
I'm a long time epoxy user for glassing on boats. I do not have a whole lot of experience with fiberglass resin. I have a 10' GW Invader I am starting to restore and I will be using fiberglass laminating resin to bed my cloth on the inside of the hull. I will also be using this to glass in the transom and stringers. My question is when using epoxy for this purpose I always have to wash, scuff then wipe down with denatured alcohol between coats of resin to get a proper bond. What process would need to be followed between resin and matt coats with the laminating ( no wax ) fiberglass resin. Do I need to wash it, wipe it or scuff to get proper bond between coats?

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Re: Fiberglass resin prep

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If you recoat within 24 hrs, you shouldn't have to do any cleaning unless there was some kind of contamination from an outside source.

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Re: Fiberglass resin prep

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Yes, if you catch it while it's still "green" then it will chemically bond to itself.

If it cures then you have to sand (80 grit seems to be the wisdom from the epoxy makers) to ensure a mechanical bond.

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