Variation on a technique

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Variation on a technique

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Hi Guys,

After having the plans sit in my cupboard for 5 years, I've decided to start building a raven, as I'm currently enjoying my time in my 16ft Streaker which i bought second hand, so i can enjoy fishing and boating in the meantime.

Anyways the reason for this post is I want to see if i do a variation on a technique i worked out, when i built myself a recumbent Trike, to get to and from the shops on pedal power, but with cargo space to carry my groceries.

The technique i used was a space saver chassis construction, i got 1" (25mm) UV stabilized conduit, filled it with medium density expanding foam, this was bonded to together with epoxy and fiberglass matting at the joints. Once the frame was built, I covered it in medium density foam sheeting, 1/4" (4mm) thick, and epoxied it in place, I put on a single layer of fiberglass matting, allowed the epoxy to cure, with a drill, i put 4, 1/2" (12mm) holes, and filled the gap with expanding foam medium density, this filled in the airspace adding a little more rigidity whilst keeping weight down, and then applied 3 more layers of fiberglass matting bringing the entire trike up to a nice flat surface, it proved to be a good strong construction method, not to mention, a lot cheaper than aluminum construction etc.

I was wondering could I use the same technique to build the raven?

If so if I had a net weight reduction, would I have to put ballast into the boat, or look where it needs to be re balanced. Any feedback on this would be helpful as this construction method would be a lot easier to do, plus will the raven support being powered by an Outboard?

Talk Soon

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