How to fiberglass a centerboard....

Fiberglassing over plywood and one-off fiberglass methods. See: "Boatbuilding Methods", in the left-hand column of the Home page.

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How to fiberglass a centerboard....

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Or more specifically the trailing edge of the centerboard.

The fiberglass won't wrap around it. So do I just run it out on each side and sand them back to where they meet ?

Or do I round the trailing edge, fiberglass it as normal and then add an epoxy putty shapped trailing edge ?

I got the book and the video, but they don't seem to address this.


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Fiberglass cloth doesn't like to make too sharp of a bend. So you make a bend that is about 1/2 inch or so around the back of the board. Now you build the fiberglass cloth up going around it then you sand it to the shape you want.

One trick is to tape pieces a bit past where you are glassing. This holds the shape and you can sand off the unused stuff sticking up. So tape a piece on and epoxy it, then right away tape another piece past where you taped the first one and epoxy it. I usually find two pieces is all I can handle until the epoxy sets up some. Keep going until you have enough to get the shape and length you need.

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