Peel Ply

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Peel Ply

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Is there any information I can read about Peel Ply or some other plastic sheeting product used to help achieve a nice flat finish of the epoxy on a hull.

Anything to avoid sanding of epoxy sounds great to me. I have not seen a lot of discussion on the forum about this, maybe I just missed it. Is this used only on the final coat of epoxy or on every coat? Peel ply seems expensive but might be worth the sanding headache, is there another similar product that works?

I am going to use System 3 laminating resin. I think the horizontal work may not need the peel ply but it would help on the vertical or sides of the boat? Any ideas or guidance would be appreciated.


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Re: Peel Ply

Post by lakeracer69 »

I don't think it was peel ply, but a very thin plastic laminate sheet. Mylar comes to mind and google says yes. 8)
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Re: Peel Ply

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I have never used "Peel Ply". There has been discussion of it here. Seems to me that you just get the illusion of a good surface because it's shiny. It's still uneven and you will have to sand it to get it even. And, you have to sand to get a surface for the paint to stick to.

Just my thoughts. I may be wrong.

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Re: Peel Ply

Post by JimmY »


I started my boat using peel-ply, but it is not the end of sanding. I used it on my frames after the 2nd coat to leave the surface ready for a final encapsulation coat when the boat was flipped. It worked reasonably well on small parts, and helped to fill the grain of the wood.

When it came around to encapsulating the outside of the hull, I was too cheap to buy more Pee-ply and I think it would be a big pain to try an hold it in place on the sides. Without it, I could epoxy the bottom and the sides in one session, where with peel-ply you would have to do it in two sessions so you could tape it down for the sides.

I did try it for the last coat of my deck, and if there is any crease or wrinkle in the peel-ply it will show up in the epoxy (read more sanding).

No one hates sanding more then me, while peel-ply has it's uses it will not get rid of sanding. :(
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