One off boat

Fiberglassing over plywood and one-off fiberglass methods. See: "Boatbuilding Methods", in the left-hand column of the Home page.

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Kent Buckner
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One off boat

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I am building a 11.5 foot Uncle Johns designed sailing skiff to hone my building skills. Being the can't leave well enough alone kinda guy that I am, I am going to use the boat hull for a mold and make a one off fiberglass twin.

My sixteen year old son and I are working on this project but I am stuck on the number of layers/thickness the glass should be. Anybody have a rule of thumb or idea what I should do?

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Bill Edmundson
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Are you using the boat to make a female mold? Or, are you using the boat as a male mold?

If you're making a female mold, the layer next o the boat should be a medium weight cloth. Then a few layers of mat and roving.

If you're going straight to a boat (male mold), I think I would start a layer of roving, then a layer of mat, then a cloth. That should put you a little over 1/8". If that is thick enough also depends on the internal bracing and stiffening.

Anyway, that's my "free" guess. It may be worth what it cost. :lol:

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