kevlar cloth

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Dave Grason
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sailorbob wrote:Note to others: If you're not really sure of an answer please don't post it.
It's always nice when a new member arrives here and uses his very FIRST post to set the standards.
Isn't it amazing!! The person that never has the fortitude to pursue his own dreams, will be the first to try and discourage you from pursuing yours.

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Bill Edmundson
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I've been around a long time with fiberglass boats. :(

I was there when Kevlar came out, when carbon fibers came out... All great products! For what they do.

I did whitewater paddling for 15 years, including the Grand Canyon. BTW: Eastern small rivers are more difficult!

Now, that is a test of materials. I used Norse Paddle. Epoxy, dynel, aluminum shaft and tip. Shaft covered with dynel. Toughest product I've ever used. Paddle, shovel, swing blade...

We offer information and opinion. Lots to learn! Me Too!

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Heck all I ever offer is opinion.. So Note to Sailor BOB...dont ever listen to what I say.


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kevlar cloth

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I really enjoyed reading sailor bob's post (although I disagree).
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Since Sailor Bob is new, maybe he's in the business to sell Kevlar.... and yeah, the tone was wrong for in here... everyone gets an opinion... besides, I agree with Bill, different material for different uses. What's the most common use for the glass used on these boats? Where would additional use of Kevlar aid in the long term use of the boats? For beaching my cabin cruiser (it's gonna happen) should I add Kevlar to the stem area or add a removable piece of wood for when it gets worn down?

So many questions and personally I like opinions, they give me something to think on...
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Graham Knight
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The thing I don't understand about sailorbob's post, apart from his attitude, is that if Kevlar offers such good abrasion resistance then why is the Kevlar keel strip sacrificial? If it's abrasion resistant then surely it would last and wouldn't need replacement, at least not very often?
If it's not abrasion resistant then it's really no better than anything else you might use as a sacrificial strip, like a strip of wood for instance that gets replaced as needed.
I know Kevlar is used in bulletproof vests, something that Kevlar advocates never fail to mention, but there's a big difference between firing a bullet at the stuff and dragging it over stones, bullets don't exactly "abrade" their way through.
Kevlar is very resistant to impact, hence its use in bulletproof vests, and for crash helmets and whitewater canoes and similar applications, but in my experience it's abrasion resistance is really quite poor.
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kevlar cloth

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I mean really! I appreciate all the cumulative experience here. As an opinionated person, I don't agree with everything I read here, but we are here to share. In sharing, we can see that there are many ways to skin a cat. I try to read everything and I'm out of new books, so I read here instead of wandering around the library. I like the fact that some of you DO have good knowledge to pass on. Three cheers for Glen-L for this forum and three cheers for SailorBob for the entertainment.
Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither. - Benjamin Franklin

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sailorbob wrote:David&Son,

Regarding the use of Kevlar on the bottom of your Scoter for protection against abrasion, let me tell you that all the previous posts are incorrect. Kevlar, an aramid fiber (organic polymer composed of aromatic polyamids having a para-type orientation (parallel chain extending bonds from each aromatic neucleus) made by DuPont, is in fact an EXTREMELY good composite fabric especially when iin tension. It's used in bullet proof vests for that very reason. It is extremely common to put a sacrificial layer of kelar tape on the keel areas of boats frequently beached. I highly recommend it for your application.
I wonder, if you put an equal number of layers of Kevlar resined up on a wood hull or foam and shot it would it hold up as well as a vest?

Also, I've heard tales, that silk was worn by the Mongolians because an arrow that went threw silk to your body would not penetrate the silk and allowed you to pull the arrow out leaving less of a wound. So, silk must be abrasion resistant! What if I put that on my bow!

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I think I have seen sailorbobs web name over in the wooden boat forum before and I have to say that the attitude that he displayed in his post is pretty common over in that forum. That is why I don't even bother with them any more. I look forward each day to logging in here and seeing what the folks in this forum are up to and how they are progressing with their projects. Everyone over here in this forum seems to be good natured and more than willing to take a little freindly ribbing from each other once in a while without taking things personally.

BTW if anyone really wants to add some abrasion resistance to their boat, check out Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) plastic. They add it to the front of boats up here like a breakwater so the rocks and sandbars won't wear away the boat bottom.

Just my 2 cents


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