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fathersday fishing trip

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2015 6:55 pm
by Lowka53
My family and I went fishing up to a lake I like to fish and I did quite well over the days I was fishing caught my limits 3 days straight. The lake I fish at has a boat ramp but only open to boats you can carry down to the water. I have been fishing this ramp for some time now. well today I got a very nice surprise a old gentleman and his wife wheeled down a beautiful Stripper ... ducts/189/ I asked if it was a Glen-l the wife proudly stated that her husband had made it some many years ago but it was made with Glen-l plans this boat looked like new still. He had coated it with so much glass that I don't think water would ever leaking to the boat the boat had been stretched to 19 foot. Well the old couple paddled out into the lake and I had such a good feeling that this hand made boat that was the best looking boat being launch has so many years on her and still was being used 8) :D