Stretching out the beam?

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Re: Stretching out the beam?

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I started teaching myself CAD in about 1992. The team I worked with was the first in the SE USA to do an entire power plant in 3D. That is the only way they will do it now.

That said, there is no substitute for the human eye. The computer can't say that that just doesn't look right. As you work through your boat, you will learn to see. You'll be amazed how small a difference you can see.

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Re: Stretching out the beam?

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I agree totally with what you say, if you are working on the body of hand made car you make it fit. Bonnets you may need to be cut down, doors you may lead load the wings etc worked on many! Flaring by eye and feel is key. Much easer with wood boat and epoxy to get out of trouble. But it would be nice to see it on screen before you start, and CNC would be nice but if one can upscale from PDF to paper then cut by hand then that what one will have to do!
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