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Re: Tape and tack 16 gauge steel RowMe?

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2020 4:01 pm
by DeltaDawg
I don't know Bill but I'll try to figure this out. Leland

Re: Tape and tack 16 gauge steel RowMe?

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2020 3:20 pm
by Kevin Morin
One thing shows up (somewhat glaringly) in your remarks. You're not yet familiar enough with welding, apparently, to realize the applicability of a welding process to a given scantling of metal boats! I'd suggest you work with the flux core wire a bit, then report how those welds on thin sheet metal worked out? (!)

Its very likely that you'll find hard wire and gas will be the only possible MIG weld on thin gauge metal? However, it will be a good exercise to try to use flux core to weld the various thicknesses implied in your project.

Good luck,
Kevin Morin
Kenai, AK

Re: Tape and tack 16 gauge steel RowMe?

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2020 5:18 pm
by DeltaDawg
Thank you Kevin. MIG is not an option because I will not weld in my garage due to fire danger and I have no fume extraction in there MIG is not safe for me. As a matter of fact I will not flux core weld in my backyard right now as we are going into a red flag fire warning this weekend in Northern California. 2 house fires in my neighborhood in the past 3 months, 1 started in the garage, it is tinder dry here I am not going to upset my neighbors and me by welding until we get some rain.

My mailman will deliver the RC X1 plans from Glen-L today. I will make a template my nibbler can follow so I know how much of that 4 feet x 8 feet 16 gauge panel I just brought home to reserve for the RC X1 cutouts. Then I will know how much I can cut off that panel for practice welding with inner shield 0.035 and 0.030. I talked with Lincoln tech support today, he said I can use the 0.035 grove on my wire feed roller with the 0.030 but he recommended I buy a 0.030 contact tip, he said Home Depot carries them, I see my Home Depot has 4 packages but California entered lockdown stay home today at noon so I will go to Home Depot when I need to go to Costco and make my essential trips count.

I am more concerned about picking up the little crescent moon scraps with a magnet from the nibbler so they don't get in my dogs feet than I am about the welding right now.

I have a good stitch and glue RowMe boat I just built, new oars, new trolling motor, new outboard. It has a California CF# which was no easy task I care to repeat during Covid for a metal boat. If I learn more about flux core welding with these 2 spools of 0.030 innershield, my $80 panel and a package of 0.030 contact tips that is easy tuition. I will be a lot further ahead than a guy I remember reading about on this forum bought a bunch of aluminum, cleaned all his joints with fabric softener, MIG welded some frames ended up with a pretzel, ended up scrapping all the aluminum 2 months after he started. I tried to find his post but he is long gone. I think he was up by Santa Rosa. Leland