Have any forum guys ever used these guys?

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Have any forum guys ever used these guys?

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Just curious as to any feedback regarding reputation and maybe a personal testimony. Or feedback regarding their prices.
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Re: Have any forum guys ever used these guys?

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Prices seem quite high for example the 40hp they list is only a couple hundred off from what I was quoted on a brand new one.

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Re: Have any forum guys ever used these guys?

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They are about 10 minutes from me, been there several times. Good people, knowledgeable. They have LOTs of parts and many complete outboards as well as lower units. They are located on the Connecticut seacoast/Long Island Sound so they do business more with commercial boaters as well as casual. While they may be a bit pricey, it's the cost of doing business here. But they put out good outboards with a good reputation, and cheaper than new ones. One thing, for the most part they don't support vintage outboards, say 1970's and earlier, though may have the odd one show up now and again.
Certainly worth checking them out.
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