Small block Chevy 400 heads??

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Small block Chevy 400 heads??

Post by Weraror »

Starting to build my 400 around a new steel 400 crank I have. Not sure if it is going in my truck or on an airboat. If it is airboat it will be a DD. What aluminum heads are y'all using for a mild 400. I dont need the best heads but want something that people know work good. I think I can drill the steam holes myself. Any suggestions? And if anybody in broward has a running or not 400 hit me up. Thanks guys.
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Re: Small block Chevy 400 heads??

Post by PeterG »

Take a look at Summit Racing at They will have options for your heads and other engine things too.
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Re: Small block Chevy 400 heads??

Post by DSR »

Hi Weraror,

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would assume by mild, I'm thinking an engine using a hydraulic flat tappet cam and a reasonable compression ratio?
Personally, I would recommend the Edelbrock E-Street 185cc aluminums. They're built with quality hardware and at 923.00 for the 70cc version, about the best bang for the buck.
Doing a mild build with the right cam, 400+ hp and 400+ ft/lbs of torque with excellent manners would be very easy to do.

Hopefully that helps,
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