1961 Mercury 400/450 Value

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1961 Mercury 400/450 Value

Post by Antler24 »

Im planning to start a zip build in the spring and want a period correct motor for it, I had no intentions of buying an engine until much further into the build but I stumbled across what I think is a good deal and exactly what I wanted.

Its a 1961 Merc 400/450 (45hp) short shaft. It has a new charging system and wiring, rebuilt carbs and fuel pumps, new impeller, 6cyl starter, powerhead was pulled everything cleaned up and freshly painted. Everything works, comes with controls and key.
Asking $1000

What do you guys think?

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Re: 1961 Mercury 400/450 Value

Post by Roberta »

If you hear it run okay. I think it's a good deal. I paid 750 fo a 1969 Merc 500 ten years ago, no controls. Not sure but make sure it is not a "Dock Buster" . Those need to be shut off in order to shift.

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Re: 1961 Mercury 400/450 Value

Post by gdcarpenter »

As a 400/450 it will not be a 'dock buster', those are in line 6 cylinders.

I would say price a tad on the high side but not out of range. Sold my rebuilt and restored 1958 Mark58 for $850.00 complete with controls if that helps.
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Re: 1961 Mercury 400/450 Value

Post by PeterG »

That sounds like a fair price considering the work that's been done to it. I picked up a 1965 Merc 650 for $300 with controls, not running. After refurbishing it with repaired wiring, rebuilt carbs and fuel pumps, a tune up and rebuild of the lower unit I had about $1500 into it. It runs fantastic but I have a bit more I want to do to it like add a charging system and repaint it.
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