Minn Kota controller modification

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Minn Kota controller modification

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I have a Minn Kota Riptide RT101S trolling motor. The previous owner modified the speed controller to use an electric motor attached o the end of the handle to provide a remote control. Unfortunately, the "soft rheostat" at the end of the handle has broken. It has two three-wire ribbon cables running from the "soft rheostat" to the main circuit board. I would like to replace the soft rheostat with a heavier duty potentiometer and locate it on the bulkhead. Does anyone have any experience with this unit? I contacted MK and their answer is to replace the entire board ($120). Since a pot is around $1, I would prefer that method. I can start going forth boldly and strip insulation, use probes, and figure it out. I would prefer to follow someone's instruction who has already done it. Any electronics experts out there?


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Re: Minn Kota controller modification

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You best post soms piccies of the device for us to see. 6 wires is too many for a pot, they normally have only 3. Maybe they use a dual for redundancy or maybe they have two separate ones to do some kind of precision positioning, or maybe it is a digital rotation position sensor rather than a pot. Can you see a part number on it?
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Re: Minn Kota controller modification

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From a dumb truck driver's view, that knows nothing about electronics or trolling motors, if they normally have 3 wires, and you have 2 sets of three,could one set be for forward, and the other reverse??

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Re: Minn Kota controller modification

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I busticated that wire ribbon on a new motor when I took the top apart prior to cutting the tube between the head and the motor. Darn luck. So, I got some telephone wire and spliced the parts back together. Had to be very careful where the wires attached to the controller. Used some flux and as soon as the solder melted I removed the heat.
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