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Electic Yak

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Instead of cutting a sanding belt in half and attaching it to a piece of 2 x 4 to sand to fair the sides of the hull level to the top of the boat - I used a hand held electric planer placed at an angle so the cutting blade extended over the side of the boat about 1/3 way. It took less than 10 minutes to fininsh the job. I tried the manual sanding method and it would have taken a very long time and there would have been a lot of scars in the top plywood. If you want to have a clear finish on the plywood any and all scratches will show. No scratches with the planer.
I also use a Dremel Multitool to do a lot of the sanding - what a time saver that is. You can get into places where sanding any other way would be difficult or impossible. I also fibreglassed the entire outside. The hull has two thicknesses at the seems, they overlap. All the outside was glassed at the same time using MAS Slow. Used MAS at 50 degrees and also at less than 40. Took longer to set up, but set up it did - nice a smooth fininsh.

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Re: Electic Yak

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I wish there was somebody near me, doing this kind of work. I'd love to cadge a few healthy tips. :roll:

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